Edward Loure for GEO by Andrew Renneisen

Back in August I traveled to Arusha, Tanzania with writer Bettina Rühl to photograph Edward Loure for GEO Magazine. Mr Loure is protecting lands for communities of pastoralists and hunter-gatherer throughout Tanzania. Thanks to Christian Gogolin for the assignment.


Outside Magazine - Team Rubicon by Andrew Renneisen

Right before I left for Kenya, I had an assignment to spend a few days with Jake Wood and the rest of Team Rubicon on assignment in Detroit with Outside Magazine. I was amazing to be in such inspiring company, check out this month's issue for the story. Thanks to Amy Silverman for the assignment. 

0816_FEA_Rubicon_rlsd;36 (2).jpg

The Fight for New York by Andrew Renneisen

For the past month or so I have been covering politics in New York City for Getty Images ahead of the April 19th primary. This is a quick edit of that work. Big thanks to Sandy Ciric and Pierce Wright for the assignments. All images copyright Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images.

West Point Boxing For The New York Times by Andrew Renneisen

I recently covered a story for The New York Times on the amount of concussions from mandatory boxing classes at military academies in the United States. Writer David Phillips and I were given access to boxing class and showed around campus. Thanks to Maura Foley for the assignment.